Join the Wildlife Institute and the Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic​ for a Wild Spring Break!

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thumbnail of Wildlife-Institute-Wild-Spring-Break-FlyerThis exciting course includes traditional lectures, field visits, experiential learning and hands-on labs. The Wild Spring Break Course is a condensed version of the Wildlife Medicine & Conservation Course. This session is open to Vet and Pre-vet students.

The Wild Spring Break Course is an intensive introduction to key topics in wildlife medicine and conservation issues in the neo-tropics. Students learn about wildlife medical issues and approaches, the role of the veterinarian in wildlife conservation, zoo medicine, and wildlife rescue & rehabilitation. Much of this course is held at the Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic’s (BWRC) teaching facility with BWRC’s founder and wildlife veterinarian, Dr. Isabelle Paquet-Durand. Labs include distance immobilization, suture, necropsy, comparative anatomy, radiography, parasitology, and blood analysis. Students also have the opportunity to observe, and when possible, assist the BWRC and other facility veterinary staff with daily treatments and husbandry. Apply today for a spring break like never before!

March 12 – March 20

Email our Assistant Registrar Deidra Smith: for details on WI’s Wild Spring Break Course.