The Small Animal Veterinary Medicine Internship is offered year round. We are happy to host vet students during their clinical rotation year; and vet, pre-vet and vet-tech students and professionals are welcome to apply. Interns participate in the daily operations at the Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic (BWRC) assisting the small animal vets with intakes, appointments, surgeries and other clinic tasks as needed. The small animal intern may be asked to assist with wildlife from time to time, and may request to do so.

Wildlife Institute internships start at two weeks and may be extended. The Wildlife Institute pays fees and donations to BWRC and partner organizations; arranges local accommodations in hotels or guesthouses with kitchenette (as available); arranges daily transportation to and from the worksite as available; and organizes a weekend recreational excursion and any other field site visits. Your internship helps BWRC and its partners provide free or subsidized wildlife medical services, conduct research and other conservation programs. Special rates apply to longer term internships. Airfare and airport transfers are not included. 



The following represents a list of tasks in which BWRC interns typically participate. Because of the dynamic nature of work at the BWRC, tasks and opportunities to work with various species vary by circumstance. An intern’s level of participation in the medical arena is adjusted based on educational level, demonstrated experience and competencies and learning objectives.

  • Observing and participating with the intake exams.
  • Observing and interacting with clients.
  • Observing and assisting in emergency medical care.
  • Surgery (mostly trauma).
  • X-Ray and processor operation.
  • Possible field site visits.
  • Laboratory work (fecals, parasitology).
  • Developing treatment plans.
  • Daily maintenance tasks are required for all interns. This includes daily cleaning of facilities and cages, feeding, laundry, etc.


The Wildlife Institute arranges housing at local hotels and guest houses for interns and students. Standard accomodations include multiple occupany, AC, free WiFi, private bath and kitchenette. Upgrades and private accomodations are available upon request. Students and interns have free access to BWRC kayaks for wildlife spotting and recreation.

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We encourage interns to apply to their home institution to receive academic credit for their internship experience. Our interns are routinely awarded both credit and in many cases scholarships to cover some of their travel costs and program fees. If you are seeking academic credit, please provide forms to be filled out by your supervisor in advance of your arrival in Belize.


Our team invites interns from around the world and do our best to accommodate a full range of diversity. For many of our interns, English may be a second language. As such, we require a basic working knowledge of English, and are happy to receive interns who are more comfortable working in Spanish, French, and German.


Applicants will be provided with an application and waiver form which states that applicants must provide their own comprehensive medical insurance which includes international air evacuation and trip insurance in case of interrupted travel to the airport.