Our 26-day International Veterinary Experience (IVE) includes both Wildlife Medicine & Conservation (WMC) and Small Animal Veterinary Experience (SAVE). IVE is ideal for pre-veterinary, vet tech and veterinary students alike. Students’ skills and learning objectives are evaluated by the veterinary surgeons and specific roles and tasks are assigned to students based on these evaluations. The program is challenging and pushes students to develop skills which are often lacking in the vet school setting. Each course generally satisfies externship requirements with up to 60hrs of clinical experience per course.

During Wildlife Medicine & Conservation, students join our Wildlife Veterinary team at the Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic (BWRC), learn from Dr. Isabelle Paquet-Durand, our renowned and world-recognized Wildlife Veterinarian and Clinic Director. There students receive an intensive course on critical Wildlife Medicine and Conservation topics through hands-on learning, labs, some key lectures and field-site excursions. Students also visit other wildlife centers in Belize and the region.

During SAVE, students are introduced to essential small animal clinical skills through hands-on preparatory lectures + quizzes, labs, street animal care and examination.  Then, students participate in service-learning animal health clinics in underserved communities educating the public about animal health, zoonotic diseases and environmental health issues; emphasizing the One Health approach. Students participate in spay and neuter clinics in underserved communities, often under basic conditions. Students do not conduct surgery independently during spay and neuter clinics, but may assist as deemed safe and appropriate by the veterinary surgeons. Students will conduct patient intake, examination, intubation, anesthesia monitoring, surgical assistance as appropriate, and recovery monitoring and discharge. This procedure is done in a strictly safe and appropriate way to maximize patient safety, student safety, and facilitate hands-on learning. 



July 13th-7th, 2022

Private groups and custom itineraries available.

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The Wildlife Institute arranges housing at local hotels and guest houses for interns and students. Standard accomodations include multiple occupany, AC, free WiFi, private bath and kitchenette. Upgrades and private accomodations are available upon request. Students and interns have free access to BWRC kayaks for wildlife spotting and recreation.

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  • Tuition
  • Lab fees
  • Hotel accommodations with free wifi, all breakfasts
  • Excursions, field trips, entrance fees
  • Field medical supplies
  • Daily transportation
  • Airport transfers
  • Payments & donations to the Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic
  • Program T-shirt