Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a course or internship?

Download the Wildlife Institute application form on our admissions page, and send the application form and your resume to Dr. Isabelle at

What is the cost to apply?

The Application Fee is $60.

What is included in the price of open-enrollment courses?

The following is included in our open-enrollment courses: Tuition, Labs, Donation to BWRC, Field Trips & Entrance Fees, Scheduled Recreational Activities, Accommodations with *Breakfast, some additional Meals, Airport Transfer(s), Daily Transportation, Water Taxi or other island transportation and BWRC or WI swag.

What is included in the price of an internship?

The following is included in our internships: Internship supervisory fees, accommodations with kitchenette and wifi, donation to BWRC & BWRC swag.

Which airport do I fly into?

Philip Goldson International Airport (BZE).

What day do I fly in to start my course or internship?

For courses, your arrival and departure dates are the same as the course start and end date. For internships, your arrival and departure dates should be clarified before you purchase your tickets.

What should I bring?

Do I have to bring everything on the packing list?

No, the packing list proposes guidelines. Every internship and course is slightly different in terms of exposure, time of year, duration, etc.

What are Belize's Visa requirements?

Unless staying longer than 6 months, you enter Belize on a regular tourist visa. Americans, Canadians, Australians and most Western Europeans do not need a visa to enter Belize. Check with your local Belize consulate if you have any questions.

Should I have any particular vaccinations?

No particular vaccinations are required for the internship with the Wildlife Institute and Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic; although basic childhood vaccinations are recommended to protect yourself and those around you. We suggest that you consult your family physician about your travel plans and proposed activities while in Belize and the region. Together you can discuss the risks and you can make an informed decision about the degree of protection with which you’re comfortable.

Is there a contact person and number that I can give to my family during my visit?

Yes, there is. See the contact page and email for further contact details as needed.

What is my primary address while staying in Belize?

Your address will vary depending on which hotel/Guesthouse we book you. Fox Club is 64 George Price Ave., Santa Elena, Cayo District.

If I have to cancel part or all of my trip, what is Wildlife Institute's refund policy?

We recommend that you purchase travel insurance in case of any unforeseeable change in itinerary or travel plans.

Please see our refund policy..

What is the difference between courses and internships?

Courses with the Wildlife Institute follow a structured daily itinerary which includes hands-on activities, labs, key lectures, and excursions to wildlife and conservation centers. Each activity addresses key learning objectives and is supervised by BWRC’s veterinary faculty. Program fees include hotel with breakfast, lunches, daily private transportation, excursions and entrance fees, payments to BWRC and trip swag. It’s possible to combine a course with BWRC veterinary internship, or an internship with our partner organizations.

Internships with BWRC and partner organizations provide a practical training experience. At BWRC, veterinary interns are provided with a list of key learning objectives and may request specific training. Interns work with the BWRC staff on a daily basis providing husbandry, veterinary examinations and in some cases assisting in administering treatments. Program fees include airport transfer, hotel or on-site housing,an excursion and BWRC swag. It’s possible to combine a BWRC veterinary internship with an internship with our partner organizations.


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