Veterinary Study Abroad Experiences


The Wildlife Institute (WI) is all about veterinary study abroad. WI is the leading veterinary study abroad provider with university and veterinary school partners from around the world.  As such, WI offers Spring, Summer and Winter veterinary study abroad courses in Belize. And WI offers customizable internships with its partner, the Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic (BWRC).

Did you know, your participation in WI’s veterinary study abroad programs allows BWRC to provide free veterinary care to wildlife and funds Less Developed Country scholarships for promising future wildlife vets? How cool is that?


JUN 25 – JUL 6 // JUL 11 – 22
DEC 27 – JAN 7
JUN 11 – 22
JUL 24 – AUG 7
NOV 9 – 16
JUN 11 – JUL 6
MAR 2 – 9 // MAR 9 – 16
MAR 16 – 23 // MAR 23 – 30
APR – AUG (1 month duration)
JAN 26 – FEB 2


  • I took part in the Wildlife Medicine and Conservation Course with the Belize Wildlife and Referral Clinic following my first year of vet school. I was able to see and experience the treatment of wildlife, try new medical techniques, learn a lot about conservation in the face of human animal conflict and work with some truly inspiring individuals.

    Sarah Camp

  • Any student or intern who gets an opportunity to work with Dr. Isabelle and the BWRC will definitely have an unforgettable experience that will give them a strong foundation in the field of wildlife veterinary science with a true leader in the field.

    Dr. Marisa Tellez, Co-founder – Crodocidle Research Coalilition

  • Dr. Isabelle and Justin have put together a well-rounded program that does a fantastic job of incorporating the important aspects of caring for wildlife in Central America. It is engaging, thought-provoking and brimming with new experiences, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the field.

    Dr. Nicki Rosenhagen

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